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How to heal from bitterness

If you've ever been bitter towards someone before, you know what I'm saying when I say that it makes me miserable.  It's weird that something triggered by another person can effect our hearts so much.  It's even weirder that while we punish them in our minds (for the wrong thing/s they've done) in a sense, we find ourselves in our own little prison of gross feelings and expressions.

Bitterness leads to death.  Death of relationships, death of kindness, death of beauty.  There is nothing beautiful about bitterness -- and sadly, I truly believe that it seeps out of our words, tones and body language, even when we're trying to hide it.

My Safe Prenatal Workout - Week 8

A step by step guide to a safe prenatal workout with an honest look into my first month of pregnancy that has been filled with mostly tears, hopelessness and isolation.

This video and blog post is my journey to a healthy and happier pregnancy.  This video will be available for viewing for one month.

Get Moving: It’s not about our goals, it’s about Him

Exercise was never my forte.  As a short and stumpy girl, I excelled in math and music, but P.E. and cross country never suited me.

Maybe you have the same history with P.E.? Some of us have no coordination; we trip over our own two feet and run into bed corners. And some of us feel like we’re going to pass out walking up a flight of stairs. However, we can’t avoid exercise just because we are not good at it. Katie wrote about her #1 goal killer being perfectionism. And Alisha reminded us on Tuesdaythat God calls us to do everything “in Him,” even if it’s not perfectly.

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Finding a rhythm that leads to exercise

So far for our MOVE challenge, we’ve asked God to align our hearts with His regarding exercise, and spent two days putting intentional movement on our to-do list. Today we’ll look at another important factor to making exercise a part of our everyday lives.

Finding a rhythm.

When it comes to exercise, finding a rhythm throughout your days will help you make it a consistent part of your life in such a way that it no longer needs to be in your “three things” for the day. It becomes a given that movement will occur.

The challenge is finding what works for you, for your current stage of life.

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How I'm going to lose 20 pounds

I hate resolutions.  I think they are cliche and it bugs me that so many gyms make 90% of their income in January.  Most of these memberships don't last until March.  With all that said, I've been wanting to lose some weight after a crazy year of eating, coping and drinking after a couple of miscarriages, job changes, two moves and life -- that has all happened in the last 15 months.  It's time to step out of survival mode.

Is your food making you depressed?

Even if food is spot on and you're only eating non processed, organic and perfect, depression can be caused by many different things: some being your deficiency in neurotransmitters, hormone imbalance, life events (death or loss, financial problems, stress,) and early childhood trauma. Mayo Clinic writes that people with depression has physical changes in their brains, but the significance of these changes are still not certain.  If you have depression, there is probably not just one cause.  For myself, I remember it starting as early as when I was 7 years old when a friend's mom started spreading a rumor about my parents.

To battle mild depression -- here are my recommendations.

3 drinks you have got to try while it's cold outside

There are some fantastic drink recipes out there that is worth the time to make.  Not only will it warm your soul as you sip it on your couch or with someone you love, but it will also make your house smell yummy.  The three pictures below link to the exact recipes.

7 steps to a better health that you can incorporate today

As a fitness and health professional -- whatever that means -- I've realized that although there is freedom in what I eat and how I eat, there there also needs to be a balance between what I truly believe and what I do.  I realized today that I was preaching real food. . . and 20 minutes later, was inhaling burgers and fries like a beast.  I'm not saying that burger and fries are off limits, so don't get me wrong.  But something felt terribly off.  I came home feeling like I needed to fix it, but also knew that going into something as intense as a sugar detox or strict food elimination would put too much pressure on me during a stressful and busy season. 

Free daily planner

I made a daily planner that I've been thinking about for awhile.  Since this is version one, it will only get better and more simple as time goes on, but I made this especially for me.  Maybe one day, I'll get it bound up and give it to my clients so they can keep track of everything as they walk through their nutritional consulting packages.  

Am I losing followers and friends because I'm boasting?

I have un-followed, hid or blocked so many people on social network.  It has nothing to do with them, because I totally understand our human tendencies to post to boast (PTB.)  But it's me. . . I just can't handle it and it puts me in a really dark place.  I don't like who I become when I look at these.  It goes three different ways -- I'm either happy for them, jealous of them, or annoyed by them.

Here is my messed up thought process when I see certain PTB pictures and comments...